Lab News

Our lab recently published a paper in PLoS One entitled: Adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes associated with a life-long high fat diet: Role of altered development of the placental vasculature.  This paper provides evidence that a high fat diet can cause changes in quality of the blood vessels within the placenta, leading to reduced tissue oxygenation, reduced fetal growth, and increased fetal death. Our research is currently focusing on understanding the mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon.

Why is this research important?

With the increase in obesity rates within women aged 18-40 (those most likely to have children), understanding how excess body fat can endanger pregnancies will help to develop treatment strategies for improving the growth and health of unborn fetuses.  Ultimately, this will result in improved childhood health.

Our Research is Press-worthy!

The National Post as well as Vancouver’s The Province printed articles about our recently published manuscript. This shows how our basic research findings are important to the medical community at large.

Obesity puts fetus at risk: Study – Download now (Higher Clarity)

Obesity puts fetus at risk – Download Now (Higher Clarity)